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The Heilwald Klinikum used to be one of the most renowned medical facilities in Germany. That all changed when that curious loophole appeared...

This Demo is part of the HPS1 Demo Disc 2021: https://hauntedps1.itch.io/demodisc2021

You awaken in a dingy storage room in a pile of rubble and dust. Observing your surroundings you notice a massive hole in the ceiling. How curious. Dazed from the fall and mildy confused you venture into the twisted depths of the Heilwald Klinikum.


Mouse/Right Stick - Look Around

WASD/Left Stick - Move Around

LMB/X - Interact

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(66 total ratings)
Made withFL Studio, Unity, Blender
TagsFirst-Person, Horror, Multiple Endings, PSX (PlayStation)


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this so fun and creepy

Glad to see this turned into a full game!  Will get that one next :)


THIS WAS AMAZING. hahaha I loved it 

What a masterpiece ... Absolutely loved this game

Having so much fun with this one... love the interesting NPC's

I really enjoy the gameplay and the characters, there’s a great combination of hilarious and terrifying in the enemy design and for a run & hide mechanic, everything feels smooth and fun. 

I would love to be able to skip certain things (esp. dialogs) since it can get a bit tedious and I think the first chapter can be especially difficult on that account since you’re still figuring things out, so the repetition there actually hurts it a little. 

But even though I don’t really play these kind of games often, I enjoyed what I’ve played. So, kudos, that already shows that the game plays smooth as heck. 



Excuse me, but are you purposefully ignoring my questions regarding the Silent House? Can you at least confirm if that's the case so that I can stop asking them?

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Nobody who creates free content on the internet owes anyone anything.

just ftr.


Not demanding anything, just curious. It's a public website, people here have the right to express their opinions and ask for information. I asked the last question just to understand if I was bothering the developer, a simple "Yes, I don't want to reply" would have made me stop a long time ago. 

I would really like to see more of this.  All of the characters are incredibly horrifying.  The sinister "where are you going!?" was perfect.


Hello! Are you planning on fixing the Silent House Anniversary Edition sound issue or have you completely abandoned the project?

When will it be done?

choices,choices,choices you will loop through them all..

The video start at 8 : 34 .

I wanna say one thing... this is great! its been awhile a game that make me stuck 3 hours of playing to find what the heck is going here!!! the doctor sudden change of movement is freak me out every time he does it. Can't wait for the full game. 

Love from Malaysia ^_^

hi, big thx for the great game. greetings from rosti 😘

I must say, I really really like this game. I wish to think that the Protagonist we play as isn't as reliable as we think, like the Hospital IS twisted, patiens are negleted but maybe the horrifying nurses and mad doctors is just in the twisted mind of the protagonist.

Anyway, I really REALLY like the look of the hospital and the graphics as a whole, the PS1 style graphics give that semi uncanny feeling which fits this game in a great way.

The soundtrack too is very fitting too. I love how the transition theme sounds (something missing from the soundtrack BTW) which is very slow and deep, feeling like of a desolated place which I'm sure was the intention. I also like that each track of each charecter are the same but with slighty variant, for example I love how Randolph Hide theme, is very mellow and almost calming, something you would've expect to hear in an Doctors Office if it were the 19th century and the Chase theme keeping the same same notes and tempo but sounding more hazy with (i think) more echo almost as if hearing a song as you go unconscious.

Nurse Heideltraut theme is also very good, with the clock remind me of an waiting room but with the song it self almost sounding like a lullaby but well scarier and the Chase theme here, I almost thought the clock was ticking faster but was surprised when at a closer inspection I discovered the clock was ticking at the same speed as in the Hide theme, the only difference was the music which got much more distorded and each time crescendoing and well I must be honest here, I just imaged this sounding like twisted clown music.

Going with Gameplay/story I do like how when you first meet the doctor his voice sounds like a compitaltion of all those like medical commercials where it quickly states the warning compiled all toghter, I REALLY neigh, I LOVE how the first time you go too far from him he doesn't like instantly end you like generic bad guy number #59273 but instead he reassures you everything is fine. It was so surprising the first time like totally got me off guard and well, got my liver removed (or maybe when he said that he actually ment is as a legit medical operation who knows!), still after that innitial scene with him I must say, the puzzle here if we can call it as such is too easy, I was never scared like one of those horror game youtubers that totally don't fake their reactions, while I did like the execution of it, I must say the puzzles as a whole aren't entertaining, I am entertained by the charecter and locations but not by the puzzles themselves (Also the "Don't sit" line is funny as hell)

I do understand the horror comedy vibe you are going with and I must say you pull it off very well, the negleted patient was an fun charecter althought his puzzle was very annoying, I didn't enjoy that in the slightest same with the Nurse which I already described my admiration for soundtrack (and design too) but I really never felt any fear or horror from the antagonists themselves, maybe it's because it's a demo but from the two antagonist we saw it was either very easy and unthreatening or Impossible to beat if you were caught, neither are much fun. my suggestion would be to have these charecters in the spotlight longer, discovering stuff with the ever looming threat of the doctor finding you snooping around in places you aren't supposed to be, discover a bit of lore and who is this doctor and doing puzzles with him looking around for you, and ending with how we ended with him on the demo. Simmilar aproach should be done with the Nurse (maybe even the negleted patient).

These are just my opinions toh, I enjoyed this demo a lot and hope the final product is better then the demo we were shown, good work and good luck.

Any news on a release date for this? Very excited for more of this excellent experience! =]

No pressure, just curious. =]


Looking forward to the full version, Jonathan! Hoping you also release it on Switch and/or PS4/PS5.  :)


this game is great a regular playthru might around 15 mins 

the graphics are beautiful sound are great and the horror is great 

but it is easey to abuse some of the spawn and other things to complete the game in under 2 minutes 

over all 8/10 cant wait fore the finished game release 


I gotta be in the nuthouse lol. I like the pixel look. That nurse look so creepy though. The psychiatrist voice sounds demonic. I enjoy getting scare from this game. Thanks for the jumpscares. 

The graphical quality and audio design of this game are phenomenal, though I think the level design could use some work as finding the way forward can be difficult and obscure and with the doctor hounding you it can be hard to really explore. I only really managed to figure things out when I got the doctor stuck.

In case anyone else got stuck as I did, here's a simple walkthrough:


To progress in the first area; you need to find a filled syringe of anesthesia and pick it up, then click the doctor to put him out. This syringe can be found in a closet off to the side of the second room of empty syringes you come across (not the one in the prison area. There are two places like this.) If you're having trouble finding it I found you can get the doctor stuck which will give you unlimited time to search. Just run out of the prison and talk to him in the doorway like you normally do. then, run all the way back to where you started the level and close doors behind you as you run. He'll follow you for a short while then give up and return to the hallway. When he does, move to the final room in the prison area but don't go out the doorway you meet the doctor in. Stay in that room and listen. You'll hear the doctor go and check his office, come back, wander around in the hallway for a bit, then check the closet across from the prison exit and get stuck walking in place. Once you hear him walking endlessly without actually moving you're safe to go out and explore. Once you hit the doctor with the anesthesia you need to wander around until you find the stairs and go down them and out the door down there.

For the second (and currently last) area; as you explore you'll encounter a hospital patient crawling on the ground at incredible speed who changes his mind after first asking you to unclog the toilet and instead just wants a glass of water. You can find it nearby the bathroom in one of the other patient's rooms on a nightstand. The way to progress is with a crowbar. It can be found in another random closet near the beginning of this area just off to the side of the large room with all the curtains and beds; to the right of where you entered the room the first time. Once you have the crowbar you'll need to take it to the hallway with the bathroom. When you enter this hallway the nurse will be upset to see you carrying the crowbar so you'll need to juke her somehow and get past her to the double doors at the end of that hallway and use the crowbar on the boarded-up doors to the right. Once you reach this point you have finished the game.

Hope this was helpful. 

A Very Enjoyable Demo Excited for The Full Game.

THIS GUY COPIED YOUR GAME AND DIDNT SAY ANYTHING IN THE DESCRIPTION https://www.roblox.com/games/6585738926/Chitters-Clinic

That is strikingly similar... Thank you for telling me!



I love this game !

alch si dio miedo, aunque no pase del inicio xd


I didn't get too far in it, died A LOT, very creepy, definitely worth a try. If you'd like to see my failures, you can view them here:


This game is awesome! I can't wait for it to be finished :)

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This game has got so much potential! The demo itself was amazing and I cannot wait for more! I played it in two parts & honestly enjoyed it, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

If I did miss anything, PLEASE let me know! :D

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Odlična je igrica, tema i efekti su odlični, sve mi se sviđa i jedva čekam cijelu igricu, nadam se da će ubrzo izaći i da ću je uspiti riješiti, sretno na gradnji!


Looks Really good so far. Very spooky and I had no idea what was going on, but it was really fun.


I see a lot of potential here, keep up the good work. However, it is worth mentiong that, after figuring out what you need to do, escaping the chasers got way too easy!


shit, this is unnerving

Wery good but I would like to control the gamepad


Hey this is some awesome work, you do amazing stuff! Got a business email I could contact you with?


i only was able to do 2 of the endings but, would like to visit the game further. 

Hey there! I loved the game~ Those chasing parts scared the crap out of me lol. I hope to see this become a full-fledged game!


this game is as creepy as you can get I think it should be ported to the dreamcast how about it any thoughts on this 


This Game is good! Btw had to remove first part where i scream like a little girl XD

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