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The Heilwald Klinikum used to be one of the most renowned medical facilities in Germany. That all changed when that curious loophole appeared...

You awaken in a dingy storage room in a pile of rubble and dust. Observing your surroundings you notice a massive hole in the ceiling. How curious. Dazed from the fall and mildy confused you venture into the twisted depths of the Heilwald Klinikum.

The Heilwald Loophole takes the classic survival horror trope of being stuck in a run down hospital/asylum and being chased by crazed nurses and doctors but adds an important twist:
It is impossible to die.
Every action, every decision merely opens up a new pathway to venture down leading you deeper into the Heilwald Klinikum.
How far does it go? And what is that god damn loophole about?

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TagsFirst-Person, Horror, PSX (PlayStation)


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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it's the first game that i have played on my youtube channel so it's special to me. thank you


hey, any chance we could get the soundtrack (that's also on steam) on bandcamp? I really like the soundtrack, but I don't like steam

Unique and fresh horror game, atmosphere and characters were amazing.

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Playing this on my channel and its absolutely awesome so far! Totally unexpected and very intriguing. I keep wanting to find all sorts of ways to defeat the areas! Here's my first episode, more to come! :D ALSO: I found a glitch, not game-breaking but definitely weird! It takes place at 28:41)

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Please add french langage this game is amazing !

I played the demo about a year ago and it felt really good to finally play it. I enjoyed the game very much but I definitely expected a more linear experience going in.  It's definitely not very linear, as you can tackle most of the game however the heck you want. If you like exploration-based stuff then absolutely buy this game, since it handles that aspect pretty well. The game looks great, the characters are cool, albeit it some of them are kinda annoying @_@ (ALL THE NURSES), and the gameplay is pretty fun as long as you don't overthink it.

I can't wait to see what you come up with next! Take a nice little break to celebrate a great launch and I'll see you on the next one @Jamathan

Thanks for making games!

Seriously amazing work! Everything I want from indie horror in 2022: Great monster design, creepy, weird and surreal world, confusing but interesting story, good flow throughout the entire game, and does not overstay its welcome. Thank you!!

Full Playthrough No Commentary 


Where is the sound track..?

Played the demo on the HPS1 demo disc a while back and I was blown away by the production value. Got to say, the full game blows even my heightened expectations out of the water! I absolutely love how you handle the "monsters", each one feels unique and also human, to a degree. Their animations are so good and having them talk to you and give you instructions and going into different states is super fun gameplay.

Also really dig the splashes of surrealism all over the place. I think some games (and other media!) can really overdo it and just make everything "weird", but in this case it was deftly handled. I also liked how the story came together in the end! All in all, one of the best horror games I've played in a while!


What an amazing game ... I'm just sad i finished it :(

Amazing game ! Feels really good to explore this bizarre world and the sound design is just great. Also, the neglected patient suggested me to rename the game on steam "The Heilwald Poophole". His obsession with feces didn't get any better ^^

I find the world of this game absolutely fascinating. The LPer I watched basically just blitzed through to the end, which was very abrupt under the circumstances, so now I'm just waiting for payday to purchase and play it for myself. I am so excited to find out more.


I am a simple man. I see titts, I click. 

I didn´t playeed it, but has boobies in thumbnail. So good. 

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penis out is gud 2

Loved it an amazing game with great music and gets the blood pumping. 


I love your game ! Can you add the french language please ?

Finally :p been waiting for the full release of this game 

I have had such a blast with this game, I finished the game, but not like all the secrets and stuff, if anyone figures out how to use the purple card can they let me know? What a blast though. I'm uploading videos in parts because it's a longer game but here's the link to my playlist! Should have all the parts up soon!

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there's 2 doors in Hausers library that needs a purple key card. It's the zone you get transported to when you get caught by the man in the attic. i don't know if there's other door that needs a purple kc, i haven't finished it yet.

Fantastic visuals and super smooth gameplay. Great game!

 Here's my full playthrough w/no commentary:

WOW. he actually did it