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The Crawford family is a wily, yet wacky, rural family out in the countryside who are known for building quite a few contraptions that assist the locals. Lately, they've gone quiet and rarely appear out in public. Drivers who approach the property have gone missing, and to the Crawford family, you're ripe for the picking. You've driven down the wrong street at the right time, just in time to test your spirit as you outwit and escape the Crawford family in this combat-driven survival horror created for the Haunted PS1 game jam.


This game supports Mouse/Keyboard and Dualshock4 controller (in-game only, no menu navigation). Xbox controller is not supported unfortunately.

MoveW/A/S/DLeft Stick
SprintLeft ShiftL3
Look around
Move Mouse
Right Stick
InteractLeft Mouse Button
Exit Note

StatusIn development
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(21 total ratings)
Made withBlender, Adobe Photoshop, FL Studio, Unity, Audacity
TagsBoss battle, Horror, lone-survivor, Survival Horror
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Playstation controller


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tune up your chainsaws boys and girls 


Hello once again! Are you currently working on fixing the Silent House, if anything?

very fun

Hello, how is the Silent House bug fixing going on?

You won't be returning to this project ever again, will you?

Oh I certainly do have plans to continue this/make another game in this setting!

I just need to find the time and motivation for it.

Also, I know it's unrelated to this game, but please, could you look into the sound issues of your another game, The Silent House? All the locations, excluding the wine cellar and the house, are missing the audio, while the death animations have the sound. Could you look into this problem?

Hm, yea it is quite a long standing issue. I'll see if I can still get the project to run on the latest Unity version and then fix it. If it doesn't run (which I doubt) then I'll probably make some sort of remake/remaster in the future.

Thank you! I really loved the amount of content you added into the anniversary edition and was really dissapointed to find this kind of bug! Also, I don't know if you're aware, but on the level where Hogler starts to chase us for the first time, there is  a lot of doors that lead into the glitchy areas with a non-existent floor!

Hice un gameplay de terror random y termine asustado por la muerte xD

YouTuber: PatrickGame

that was actually pretty fun lol! kind of like a quick horror survival puzzle game!

and i liked that subtle twist at the end.


Change the lighting effects to make it look more like Silent Hill's flashlight, the flashlight appears and disappears in certain places, go play that game and try to do what they do.

I love this game!! the concept is great and the low poly graphics only add more suspense

The Crawford Family

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i recommend texturing the characters, they look odd next to everything else. They look like clay people.
maybe add blood on the family members and fabric esc stuff on their clothes.

Deleted 87 days ago
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Thank you very much for the video and the kind words. In fact, I'm the only person behind the game so it means a lot :D


It was pretty good tho the chainsaw wielded by one of the family members is laughably o, I'll say that. this was the third game I played 


Almost 5 days and no ones' played this yet? I don't get it, some people are just anally-selective, it's a good spooky horror, it deeply reminds me of The Silent House but in third person, surviving the Crawford family is entertaining, it's a short but solid experience, part 2 incoming later.


And the finale!