A downloadable game for Windows


...to the "Anything Gallery"!

This place was built to fulfill your any desire (at least the visual ones).


This game requires an internet connection to run properly. You might still roam the empty halls of the gallery otherwise but there will be no pieces of art to contemplate.

Sometimes you might end up locked in a finite space with nowhere else to go (it's very rare but it happens). In that case press F5 to reload the game.


What this game is doing is technically against Google's and YouTube's (and possibly many other websites) TOS. I'm definitely biting a bullet by publishing this. I doubt they will go after anyone who's playing this but I just want you to be aware of the facts.

Things that appear in the gallery are also not filtered. Anything can come up!

So TLDR: Play at your own risk!

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(94 total ratings)
Made withFL Studio, Unity, Blender
TagsFirst-Person, Procedural Generation, PROCJAM, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


TheAnythingGalleryV1.4.zip 46 MB

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Get rid of the damn sex censor, Its fucking blurred and my search history is watched


I really liked what you were going for with this game and felt inspired enough to make something similar (and unintentionally something a little more explicit). I've never made a 3D game before so it's somewhat simpler visually, but I hope it captures the same feeling I felt when playing Anything Gallery.


How to exit out of the game?

Alt + F4 works for me.

What are the controls?

How to exit the game?


whole gallery is pixelated ;-; my poor frog pictures :(


A lovely wee experience with a nice atmosphere, was a much different experience going in than what I got from the store page. Still spent a good half hour seeing what prompts were the funniest, although I couldn’t get any of the videos to play..



game is very fun and interesting, just wished stuff loaded in higher quality


now add some creature that stalks you and watches you while you try to search up horny stuff


Please do not do this, creator.


Please don't do this creator, but do change the ambiance to the circus theme for the clown using an itch.io game to get going.
-Sincerely, he who hath searcheth femboy

VR support would be awesome

Can we get a mac version please?

The best way to play this game, imo, is to enter "Stanley Tucci" as the prompt.


So a little story. Once long ago when i was like 10 i downloaded this game on my old pc (It got replaced.) Then a few months(?) Ago I tried looking for it. AND NOW I FOUND IT! The internet is amazing.


so you're 12 now


this is the internet in 3D


Is there any chance there will ever be a VR version?

Nothing shows up in the game for any prompt, and I can't find any way to exit the game without opening Task Manager and ending it.

Try alt tabbing, then close the window from your taskbar. That's what I do.

it just takes a while to load brah

plus just use alt f4 lol


It would be great if you could integrate the AI Dalle2. Then, users could enter a word or two, the game could generate several related prompts for Dalle2, and then it could display the results.


I loved watching people play this game, and I wanted to play it, but I got a message from Microsoft Defender SmartScreen that said that my PC prevented me from playing the game, is there anything wrong with it? I can't seem to find out why, as there are no answers on the internet.


So I've been exploring and thinking about this game and I gotta say... This has real potential as a multiplayer guessing game. One person types in the prompt, and other people then explore the hallways trying to figure out what the prompt is.

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This is such a fun concept. It's a little wonky -- it stops working and I have to refresh all the time; sometimes sections of the museum end up blocking other sections; videos never work for me -- but I've seen so many silly, funny and unexpected things just roaming around a little.

Entering "exit sign" is especially funny because you end up getting a whole bunch of unhelpful exit signs pointing you in all directions.

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I enjoyed this game a lot. This helps Google Images to a modern and classic version of Google Images/Image Search. By the way, I’ve uploaded a gameplay video for this game on YouTube.

Deleted 1 year ago

Man, itch has become such a cesspool of wannabe youtubers begging for views and subs on every game, it's depressing.


I'll say what I want on my post. Deal with it.


awesome to see this fixed! you're a legend


this is my favorite non-game game, thank you for updating i await the new version with much happiness


I decided to learn how to mod Unity games to fix this. I've been at it about 5 hours and have full injection and logic overriding working. I just need to implement actual fixes, clean up my code, and figure out how to distribute the mod.


I uploaded the prototype mod injector/manager to my itch.io page. Works for me.

This is insane I just learned about this game and was looking it up and see you uploaded a fix mere minutes before I opened this web page, amazing!


Every time this game crosses my admittedly sporadic stream of consciousness I revisit this page, hoping for the text "Dec 14, 2020" to have changed. But alas, I always return disappointed. At least I'll always have my memories of exploring the ever changing halls of the infinite museum, to look back on fondly.




My computer is crappy i cant even play low system games on it but this game was running quite good. But there is a problem i cant see the results of the thing i typed i tried "Cats" but nothing loaded please help me

The google API changed and the game doesn't work for anyone. I wish you had read even the first comment before yours, and you would have realized it was not a computer-specific problem.


I know I've already left a comment before, but I still think about this game even months after the new algorithm broke it. It was amazing to stream with my artist friends on Discord, and I'd do anything to see it make a return someday... If there's anywhere I can donate to the studio or otherwise help out potential development on the museum, please let me know!


Guys ı cant open the game ? someone can help me?

others are random



Anxiously awaiting the day that either the developer or another dev decides to patch this...


sad to see this game go under a dev that doesnt care about it.

That's not true, he explained the nature of the project in the description. And now he updated the game.


yeah dude this was made 2 months ago before the update


I really hope you can update it. It's a really nice experience


Can you please patch this to work with the current version of Google? I really wanna try this game out.

It was a wonderful experience while it lasted. :,)

How did you make this?


"broadcast 67# (DATE: 10/18/??)" please, anyone there. anyways just listen i have been stuck in this void of disgusting fanart and deviant art images and i have been abused by cringe 2016 memes, this all started when i searched youtube in the searcher thinking it would show more theaters and memes, it did but only 3 am challenges appeared, i lost my F5 key and i cant escape. so if there is anyone here, please help.

"broadcast ended"


October 18th.. that my bday


1 star- Cause Why? I Can Only See Wood Textures Can Somebody Link Me Of The 2d Version Of This Game?




It's just google...


that's right!


Note: As of October 1st, this game has been rendered non-functional by an update to the Google algorithm.

A functional, 2d version of this game can be found at www.google.com

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