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my theory is that we are the creature and we dont realise it. anyways i escaped


make a endless version with actual random generation


I fell through the map

What are the sounds you used?

Do the screams in the game mean one of those beings are nearby?

I really enjoyed the game from the beginning to the end and I have to admit that I was scared shitless most of the time because the atmosphere in the game is amazing 

se puede jugar online??

This is my favorite version of the backrooms!

the entire game style is so unique and the atmosphere was frightening, the tapes only added to the uncertainty and uneasy feeling I got while delving deeper into the backrooms. The sound design is top-notch and the gameplay is great and the big Scare at the end was very much earned! In short I love the game and I love your version of the backrooms!

Not gonna be able to shit alone for a month thanks to this game. Great work dude!


Enjoyed your Backrooms game, felt like an exploratory journey besides the standard maze. I really like the design of the labyrinth, very artistic and unpredictable, felt abandoned and forgotten by time :)

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Man this game is so good and so scary in the same time, i played with my friends on discord and was really cool. Nice work with this game 100/10.

It was actually the best horror game I've ever played.well done !



i almost fell off my damn chair!

the slow burn really made the jumpscare more effective

This was an awesome game,and I love the end.

Good Job !!!

PS : It's scary as hell :]

I love your style of the backrooms, its more scarier and creative. Can't wait for more from you if you have plans

Really love the original take on the Backrooms idea, very well done

Can't wait for more from you

Can you add multiplayer pleas

me to

wow that made me shit

 i love it :)

Nice game !

Minuto 4:11 es donde empieza lo bueno. Es un juegazo

Jesus fuck the ending

While this game may not stick to the original backrooms formula, it sure as hell knows how to make it better

If you like the backrooms, definitely give this game a try


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Cool game :) 

It's pity that the project of the game is lost :(

Played this in prep for the Heilwald Loophole, and can't believe I never played this backrooms game, its very good :)

Full Play No Commentary

Very creepy. If you are interested in the backrooms short films 


Nice Game !

Gameplay in spanish

Gameplay en español

One of the creepiest and elaborate mazes I've encountered in a video game. Great work!  

just want to give the dev a massive shout out because this was one of the most intense and scary games iv ever played you done an amazing job dude if anyone wants to check my gameplay out see the video below 

Been really enjoying the lore of the Backrooms recently, so I decided to give this game a try. had fun with it!


So the files got corrupted.. almost like something..I mean someone didn't want you continuing work on it. How odd.

Your take on the backrooms has got to be the creepiest I've seen.

Loved your game also I made a video.

Is a very good game, but I encountered problems after downloading!


I have nothing to say but enjoy this video thx bye 

Screenshots are giving me Bendy and The Ink Machine vibes, maybe i will download

edit: sounds made me so scared that i clicked alt + F4, cool game.

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