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Quick Note: I appreciate all the feedback I got from people about this game and things that can be improved. Unfortunately it is impossible for me to ever work on this game again because the project got corrupted (meaning most of the data is actually gone) in a stupid backup accident.

What is this about?

You have somehow managed to clip into the Backrooms, an endless labyrinth of empty and similar looking rooms designed to lure you deeper into this mysterious space.

Some advice:

This game is best played with headphones and in a dark room (you know, the usual horror game environment).

There is no saving in this game! If you decide to end the game midway you'll have to start over. It only takes about 15-20 minutes to complete it though.


WASD to walk around.
Move the mouse to look around.
Left Mouse Button to interact.

What I want you to know:

This game was created for the Haunted PS1 Summer-Spooks Gamejam in a matter of 30 days. There are a lot of other awesome entries, so please go check them out here: https://itch.io/jam/the-haunted-ps1-summer-spooks/entries

This game is inspired by a weird internet story by the name of "The Backrooms". There is a whole wiki containing lots of information about this story and it's also where I got some of my inspiration from.

I want to thank Greg Elperin and Jeff Kekenj (@AskeGuitar92)  for helping me find ideas for this project and writing the story.


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Fixed resolution means it runs poorly on my computer. Please add option to change resolution?

This was truly an experience, while I was walking I kept repeating to myself "please don't have some monster following me" and honestly up until the end I had no idea if there were actual creatures in those halls or if it was just noise, and *spoiler alert* in the end, even though I predicted that the body would just get up and run towards me, it totally made me jump, this was so good lol, great job!

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Hello. I feel like this is divided into levels 0-3 and a fanmade level known as the intermission.

If there is carpet you are in level 0.

If there is tiled floor, you are in level 1.

If there is a wooden floor in every neighbouring room, you are in the intermission.

If there are tiny halls with pipes, you are in level 2.

If there are brick or tiled walls, you are in level 3.

Is this correct?

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Using this theory i have a proposal for an update:

-I have counted 14 cassete tapes

-So I propose that in the next update, 2 of the tapes will always be in level 0

-4 of them will always be found in level 1

-5 of them will always be found in the intermission

-another 2 will always befound in level 2

-and the last one will always be found in level 3

With this feature, another feature will be added to go with the first feature. The second feature will stop you from going to the next level without finding the cassete tapes for the current level. For example, you will not be able to go to level 1 without having all of the cassete tapes from level 0.

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Update: After some thought I decided to rename the level with wood floors as a fanmade oddball level known as "the intermission" which will acively try to convince you to try levels 0 or 1 again before going to level 2.


Can you finish this game and upload video on YouTube? Great game!


Looks great. Out of curiosity, is it somehow related to this: http://backrooms-wiki.wikidot.com/ ?

The game has a similar atmosphere to reading stories from the Backrooms wiki.

It totally is, yea! I read a lot of this wiki when making the game. Originally I wanted to have a lot more levels but was restricted due to the Jam deadline. The game is more of a reinterpretation of common descriptions/images you usually see of the Backrooms however.


really enjoyed this. Time to read House of Leaves again!

Scary space

That was very good!

I love this game.
Its perfect


I'm ashamed that I didn't know about this game until now.

I loved and analyzed the elements in your game sir.

good job well done nice game I liked it

-Made a Video. (Old Video)

-The Game: 09:44 (The 3rd Game)


F*cking creepy! The scariest game i´ve tried this year...


oooh fuck, so scarry, rlly nice game!! i like so mutch


Ending was kinda disappointing, but I still liked the game

I would like an update for more fps also an optimization, the fps are low and it is not playable for me


I knew that ending was coming so I just stared at the "danger" (No spoilers here) and stood there for about five minutes until I just gave up and turned around.


I LOVED the way this game built up and built up and built up until you felt like you were about to burst with nail biting anxiety.


A good game with a great, dreadful atmosphere that certainly keeps the player compelled, yet be wary about each step they make. Excellent sound design! 


I love how the map is disorienting and completely random. I beat the game going up instead of down. Meh jumpscare but nothing's perfect.

The perfect game IMO would combine your room generation with Pie On a Plate's version's gameplay elements. Just my two cents.


great game

this game is really good rad okay its sick as frick and my only question is was the tape dude the bad dude the whole time???? in this essay i will



Of all the backrooms games I've played, I have to say this is my favourite. I love the idea of following in the footsteps of another lost soul in there, hearing him slowly lose all hope. And that last room... Won't spoil it for others.

If anyone is still deciding whether or not to download the game, you should do it. 

The tan staircase room with six doorways is broken, the staircase's collision is fucked

I played three backrooms related games, this one was by far my favorite. The atmosphere of it is nice, and it has an interesting story.

This is a great game! I love the scary atmosphere that you have created. It really fits The Backrooms! Sadly, I didn't get to the ending of the game because I somehow no-clipped through The Backrooms itself haha.

wow very spook

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I played few backrooms games before. but this one is most unique and I can see the effort you have put into this game. I love it. I hope we can expect more from you :)

btw here is my video

Deleted 162 days ago

Where are all the beings at?


So, This one was predictable but still scared me pretty good ha. Good work!

Deleted post

reminds me of bendy and the ink machine almost

Before I played this game all the way, I just wanted to comeback to know if there were any jump-scares. Yeah, I'm a big chicken.But so far it's very chilling to the bone even though nothing happened.  


There is one ;)

This game looks awesome and one of a kind, though I wish it was easier to turn. The left and right keys should turn you each ways on a horizontal plain. xzx

you also need a volume control.

My PC is garbage right now but playing this game is the best experience I've had so far thanks for making it as I am enjoying it.


Nice game mhann .Like the feel of horror at the end
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