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What is this about?

You have somehow managed to clip into the Backrooms, an endless labyrinth of empty and similar looking rooms designed to lure you deeper into this mysterious space.

Some advice:

This game is best played with headphones and in a dark room (you know, the usual horror game environment).

There is no saving in this game! If you decide to end the game midway you'll have to start over. It only takes about 15-20 minutes to complete it though.


WASD to walk around.
Move the mouse to look around.
Left Mouse Button to interact.

What I want you to know:

This game was created for the Haunted PS1 Summer-Spooks Gamejam in a matter of 30 days. There are a lot of other awesome entries, so please go check them out here: https://itch.io/jam/the-haunted-ps1-summer-spooks/entries

This game is inspired by a weird internet story by the name of "The Backrooms". There is a whole wiki containing lots of information about this story and it's also where I got some of my inspiration from.

I want to thank Greg Elperin and Jeff Kekenj (@AskeGuitar92)  for helping me find ideas for this project and writing the story.


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LostInTheBackroomsV1.0.1.zip 44 MB


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This is a great game! I love the scary atmosphere that you have created. It really fits The Backrooms! Sadly, I didn't get to the ending of the game because I somehow no-clipped through The Backrooms itself haha.

wow very spook

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I played few backrooms games before. but this one is most unique and I can see the effort you have put into this game. I love it. I hope we can expect more from you :)

btw here is my video


Where are all the beings at?


So, This one was predictable but still scared me pretty good ha. Good work!


I don't say this about many indie horror games...

But I absolutely loved this.

The atmosphere is incredible, the visuals and sound are fantastic, I was on complete edge all the way through.

Played it alongside some other Jam games! (Your game starts at 51:51)


reminds me of bendy and the ink machine almost

Before I played this game all the way, I just wanted to comeback to know if there were any jump-scares. Yeah, I'm a big chicken.But so far it's very chilling to the bone even though nothing happened.  


There is one ;)

This game looks awesome and one of a kind, though I wish it was easier to turn. The left and right keys should turn you each ways on a horizontal plain. xzx

you also need a volume control.

My PC is garbage right now but playing this game is the best experience I've had so far thanks for making it as I am enjoying it.


Nice game mhann .Like the feel of horror at the end

Very atmospheric! Kind of wish there were more things to interact with though.

Thanks! I would've like more things to do as well but I wasted a lot of time during the gamejam on things that weren't included because they didn't work out. So yes, unfortunately gameplay-wise there isn't too much going on.


Awesome game! I love everything about it, the sounds and graphics kept things really creepy and made me tense the whole time.

I did run into a bug and ended up outside the map which I thought was intentional at first :)

I went back into it and found the ending though.

A great idea with a great atmosphere. Sounds and music were also great and also added to the atmosphere. Superb... :)


Oh, the ever-creeping terror! This whole game is one long, claustrophobic, cloying nightmare! In the best possible way, of course.

I'm still not fully versed in the world of the backrooms, but this game really sets the bar for describing what it would be like to be lost in the place. 

You find yourself wandering down endless corridors with pathways opening and closing randomly, screams of panic and despair echoing down the halls from seemingly nowhere... our only company is the tapes from another soul lost in this place. Will we find him? Is there a way out of here? Or is this our life now?

I highly recommend you get this downloaded and experience the goosebump-inducing paranoia yourselves! As for you, Jam, keep up the awesome work =)

First off, let me just say: WOW!
Played this as part of a 3 free indie horrors and thought all hope was lost for a good backrooms game, you have proven me wrong! If you're looking for honest in-depth feedback and an honest review, i give just that in my video. I think you'll wanna hear what i have to say!

Best backrooms game I've played so far!

dude please make more games, you are are amazing

This is how to make a maze game scary!

Oh my fucking christ... I. This game is absolutely amazing. I honestly cannot explain how amazing everything felt. The constant dread, disorientation, and the ending absolutely killed me. I feel like at the point where the tape said "...don't think..." or whatever, I would've liked to hear some people fighting or off-distant screaming, similar to how there were thuds and other ambient noises.

Either way, absolutely STELLAR game.

I really enjoyed this game. The atmosphere had me on edge the whole time. I feel like the experience could be enhanced with some kind of creature following you through the backrooms though. 

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This has to be the best backrooms game I have experienced. Very well made and creepy. 

This was an amazing experience! I love the graphics of this game and I can really appreciate the story it tells! Please add an endless mode with a creature that follows you. This game felt randomly generated which is amazing, it most likely was. And I am most definetly recommending this to others. The sounds were great as well, the crying and such. Please keep all of these elements if you consider on making a endless mode; it would be great! Again thanks for the amazing fun; definetly replayable!


Thank you so much for the kind words!

I might consider an endless mode at some point; originally I was going for one but it turned out to be too complex for the Gamejam.

One of the best Backrooms type of games yet

Gave it a go...

Made a video

Well done, creepy and absolutely solid. 👌👍 I was a bit sad that nothing happened at the end.. was waiting for a final booo... but then...🤣💥. Great Game 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐rs. 

I would absolutely love to see this as a full-fledged game at some point in the future. This was a great backrooms game! :D

This game is awesome! I've played some other backrooms games and they were so rubbish I couldn't even bring myself to try and scrape a video out of them. 

This game has excellent sound design, the "level" (i guess) is designed in an interesting way and keep you wanting to look around while feeling genuinely lost. There's audio tapes scattered throughout to keep you going, bread crumb style, and (trying to remain spoiler free) one part GOT ME. 

Keep up the great work!

Here's the video for anyone interested:

Holy crap, this gave me goosebumps all around. Audio was well put together, lighting and room variation filled me with dread the gloomier it got, and layouts made me look behind me more than once. At the end, I couldn't keep my headphones on, it was too much. I think that says you did an amazing job with this game! Congratz!

I'll give an 8. I take back 2 points because I couldn't go windowed 800x600 so I wouldn't fear that much. Amazing atmosphere and sound design. Really good. The story is pretty cool too.


And now that I think about it you're right! I forgot to enable the resolution launcher. Might push another update soon.

pls do

this was so great

my husband helped me play this. I have anxiety so he helps me with horror games to keep me from having seizures 

is this a horror game where something chases you or where you freak yourself out due to the suspense? jw thinking about doing a lets play. 

It's very atmospheric. I wouldn't say nothing chases you but definitely not in the usual way.

cool thx. i'll be doing a lets play of this some time next week