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Very scary and atmospheric had so much fun playing! :)

Why the hell does escape end the whole Game instead of opening a pause menu.


I love this game and I would like to volunteer to translate this into Turkish so that my Turkish friends can play them. How can I contact you?

Very good graphics! 

Strong atmosphere in this one.

An Intriguin Game.

Consist in 5 Chapters,the player must go trought all of the weird dreams, because, this is a game about having weird dreams! (duh).my theory is that the player haved a trauma or is stressed (or both) abouth a murder he witnessed and now he have this weird dream.

i'll give it a 10/10, short and it have a plot to have a talk (in my opinion i would replace the filter with some borders on the corners, simulating like an eye)

La douzième chapitre des cette série d'histoire 3 pour 1 et voici les titres : - Shadow of timidity Vous êtes à la recherche du monstre SCP 096 - InSomnio Un histoire vraiment bizarre mais regardez le pour comprendre . - Unbearable Prisionnière du forteresse vous tentez d'y échaper.

Confusing but creepy. Very good. 10/10

I love the fact that i don't understand anything, very surreal

Very nice game!

i love the artstyle and the creepy atmosphere! :)

the jumpscare was brutal,but someone explain the game plz.


Very creepy game. 

Super ambiance mais je n ai pas compris l histoire ...

Eu amo esse estilo de jogo onde se passa em um sonho, isso me tras um sentimento diferente muito bom, talvez de nostalgia! òtimo jogo, lindo,divertido e muito interessante

I love this style of play where it takes place in a dream, it betrays me a very good different feeling, maybe nostalgia! great game, beautiful,fun and very interesting

Hyo Good game!! I really like the theme of your games, you did a great job on this one, can't wait to play more.

Keep it up

Gameplay PT-BR


great experience. surreal and lovely. 

Very interesting horror game!  Also some incredibly disturbing parts... Would love to see more of this!

Really short game but I loved the experience, exploring the dreams was fun to do (if only I could understand them though lmao)

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Nice game. Some areas I was expecting some jumpscare until the final teehth "nhem nhem nhem" :D Played here :)



nice teeth

I am confused, but also impressed with the ps1 and liminal space feel of the experience.

Since I deleted the original video, I made on this game I decided to pay it a revisit. Tbh, it still holds up.

*chimp* *chomp* *chimp* *chomp*

This was a super cool little game. Super creepy! 


Comments below clip;

This is a LSD trip game. Where the next step might be connected to the previous one, but also might have nothing to do with it. I liked the diverse environments, while trying to connect the dots, provided there are/were any.

One thing is sure, Jan, you have a wicked imagination. I hope to see more from you in the future.

Therefore, you've gotten a 5 star rating.

Not gonna lie it was strange and weird. The game graphics was good 90's graphics. The movement was good. So good cuz idk what to write cuz its weird,nice game not gonna lie

This is very similar to what I thought I should try sometime with my strangest dreams. I had a lot of bleak, musty, dilapidated homes and buildings, or fluorescent bulb hallways that felt like the backrooms. This may not have had any goals or collectibles, but the execution of the dream-like experience and the randomness that dreams can have was very familiar and I'd even say accurate.

I was especially impressed with your level of detail for each scene. It felt like there was the right amount of polish. The one aspect I didn't care for was the heavy gray dithering pattern. Just a bit too intense for me.

i have no idea what it was about but i replayed it just in case i missed something but nope no idea 

It was a really weird but really interesting and good game, too bad it was so short 

we were confused BUT we love it! We want more this kind of games! We hope to see a sequel! 

It reminded me of the ending quote of american psycho: "this confession has meant nothing".

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I enjoyed it, and really felt like weirdness and sudden shifting of a dreamlike atmosphere. Can def recommend! 

Playing 4 Horror Games on including this one




Great atmosphere.

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