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We all experience it.

Some frequently - Some rarely.

Some for the better - Some for the worse.

I have extracted 5 specimens - Compiled them in meaningful order.

Make of them what you will.


Navigate - WASD or Left Stick

Look - Mouse or Right Stick

Interact - LMB or X

Crouch (If available) - Left Control or Right Stick Button

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Tags3D, Dreams, First-Person, Horror, Short, weird


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InSomnioV1.0.zip 41 MB


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This is very similar to what I thought I should try sometime with my strangest dreams. I had a lot of bleak, musty, dilapidated homes and buildings, or fluorescent bulb hallways that felt like the backrooms. This may not have had any goals or collectibles, but the execution of the dream-like experience and the randomness that dreams can have was very familiar and I'd even say accurate.

I was especially impressed with your level of detail for each scene. It felt like there was the right amount of polish. The one aspect I didn't care for was the heavy gray dithering pattern. Just a bit too intense for me.

i have no idea what it was about but i replayed it just in case i missed something but nope no idea 

It was a really weird but really interesting and good game, too bad it was so short 

we were confused BUT we love it! We want more this kind of games! We hope to see a sequel! 

It reminded me of the ending quote of american psycho: "this confession has meant nothing".

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I enjoyed it, and really felt like weirdness and sudden shifting of a dreamlike atmosphere. Can def recommend! 

Playing 4 Horror Games on itch.io including this one




Great atmosphere.


Definitely feels just like a bad dream.  That last chapter... wow, traumatizing.

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Very trippy, but also very cool

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The last jumpscare got me so good, i had no idea it was gonna appear.

Weird Font

Anyway, short and sweet! =]

A really bizarre game. Quite short too. Few jumpscares got me. But i would have loved to know more regarding what is happening actually. Perhaps its is just left to the player to piece the puzzle and intepret in their own way. Overall i liked it.

Hello this game calls my attention but I would like to know the requirements that are needed on the pc to be able to download it

Interessante e coinvolgente. L'ho pubblicato sul mio piccolo canale,se ti va dai un occhiata! Grazie del gioco.



Very confusing but pretty cool, I did a video on this too :D 

I think mine was brokEn because i couldn't talk.



I played through the full game, along with two others, and actually uploaded my gameplay to my channel! While I absolutely cannot say that I understood this whatsoever, I wholeheartedly enjoyed it! Your aesthetic and sound design is truly something special. I look forward to seeing more from you! Thank you for this experience, my friend!

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Amazing game, really loved its atmosphere, feeling and graphics, I really liked the Forest section. The jumpscare at the Hotel made me hop from my chair.

Found this on the Haunted PS1 Demo disc. The hotel "jumpscare" REALLY got me! This game is incredible.

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this game is great, and possibly took a lot of time and effort, and its awesome.


Good game

Go to the dentist

Very good work 


So weird, nonsense and... cool. My gameplay is in portuguese (PT-BR) =)


Nice game

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I really like the ps1 or retro approach of the game. it is nice and spooky i thought there will be a lot of jumpscares in the game. some scenarios left a big question mark in my head because there is no solid plot in every chapters at least for me. but, very cool game! 

p.s game starts at 00:07


it's a nice and short horror game! the jump scare at the end gave me a good spook and the graptics were a good touch for the horror.


Excellent work.


Going to be honest, I went in not knowing what to expect, and came out not knowing how to feel. What a surreal experience, its like stepping into an art gallery and being left feeling like I wanted more. 10/10


As I said in my own video, this game gives off the same feeling when I watch older surreal horror shorts like those made by David Firth. Which is certainly a compliment. Devilishly unsettling! Game starts at 0:30. 


Amazing game mhann there is a feel of retro ps1 game as you intended nice. Looking forward for more games similar to this


Super strange game, I liked it. It's very short but it works. I didn't really understand the plot, but I think it's about a guy who murdered someone.The guy decides to run away because he's afraid he'd get caught otherwise. He's also haunted by his actions.


very bizarre and creepy game...i love it :)


Wow! dazzling visual experience. 

Absolutely rate it as a piece of art.

Haven't felt this way since my last poe reading.

Will recommend to my friends.

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